Primary, secondary and high school education in Canada


Canturk Immigration Kanada Eğitimi Hakkında Bilgiler If you are anxious about the future of your children because of the astronomic fee demands of private education institutions lasting for many years and the education system where many inefficient hours are spent, you can benefit from CanTurk Consultancy education services.

The quality of education of your youngsters and children provided with Toronto Ministry of National Education, Representative Office of Turkey and its price will make you happy.

Your first step to be taken in the international education program that we offer immigrant focused is acceptance of enrollment of your youngsters and children in Canadian primary, secondary or high state schools. Since we can perform preliminary work for school enrollment,
approval and visa in specific periods, we determined enrollment acceptance date of September semester as 31st May, and that of February semester as 1 st November.

The final primary, secondary and high school enrollments in Canada are only finalized with a contract of house in Canada to be submitted by persons whose visa applications are completed. The Canturk Immigration team having this awareness is always before your dreams in your journey for life in Canada with the customized and detailed service offered for finding the best and nearest house for you and your family and for residence transactions.

Our support for house finding and residence close to the school and in convenient conditions is one of our important supplementary services highly demanded within the service of education in Canada. Your children can sustain their education in private school with representative office of Blyth Academy school that was awarded the prize of certificate of the best school of Canada.

Vocational Schools and Schools of Language

Kanada da Meslek ve Dil Okulları

Education in any vocational school for minimum 8 months brings 15 points for Express Entry application and 30 points for Master diploma / or PhD certificate diploma.

We assist individually you and your youngsters through our Toronto University English Department representative office for language learning by our youngsters who want to learn
English in Canada or for being enrolled in a vocational school making use of their English to be developed later and in all phases including application for immigration after their participation in immigrant focused program.