Temporary Residents / Temporary Visit

• Visitor Visa
• Students’ Visa / (Toronto Ministry of National Education primary, secondary, high school selection, enrollment, visa and residence package)
• Super Visa /Mother, Father, Grandmother and Grandfather
• All sorts of invitation letters
• LMIA Approved Employment Visa

Permanent Residence / Canada Immigration

• Professional Occupations Group (FSW)
• Canada Experience Class Category (CEC)
• Self Employment/ Self-Employed/ Artist and Sportsman
• Spouse Sponsorship
• Owning a Company or Purchasing a Company
• State Entrepreneur (PNP) and Investor

Citizenship / Other Statuses

• Immigration Card Application
• PR Card Renewal
• Canada Citizenship Application
• Sworn Statement and Document Approval
• Diploma Equivalency Transactions

Canturk Immigration Çalışma Prensibleri

Our Working Principle

The application for Canada Immigration is a serious application and
it is privilege rather than right.

First step/strong> – – Free pre-assessment: We decide on conformity of your qualifications with any immigration category and offer our assessment.

Second step – General assessment: We decide on the best roadmap plan for your
and your family’s life targets through CRS immigration scoring and the best application category and we answer in our meetings all your questions and the questions of other members of your family about Canadian life, finding a job, network creating, residence and your dreams of Canada. Our general assessment meetings to be held as included in the fee cover face-to-face or online communications following the process not for once only and it is a chain of meetings valid for three weeks.

All correspondences and conversations to be made throughout the process of immigration application with Canada ministry of immigration and following transactions are performed by us in the capacity of your authorized immigration consultant representing you through communication in all phases in responsibility.

We are always with you with the consciousness of how important it is to realize your dream within a short time in your journey for life in Canada and with the professional experience that we have gained for many years and with our CICC license. Our target is completion of your application completely, without mistake and as soon as possible.

Express Entry application is an online system which does not accept any
mistake or false information entry. Our confirmation meetings which we hold face-to-face in each phase are our free information and customer service which is quite popular, which makes it attractive to work with us and which we present in the content of our contract.

Our customized coaching, event activities for the target which we offer to persons whose qualifications do not conform to Canada immigration application allows increasing of scores
and chances, achievement of successful result in immigration categories and allow those persons realizing their dreams of Canada with the whole family without postponement.

We do not have the professional service contract signed before seeing and assessing your IELTS examination results and without seeing your diploma equivalency certificates in your Express Entry applications.

Acceptance of only the files which we consider will receive approval a hundred percent is only one of our professional working principles.

In order to process your Canada immigration and visa applications most reliably and smoothly, the transactions should be performed with CICC licensed immigration consultant or immigration
lawyer. Please contact us for more information. Majority of immigration applications made one one’s own is rejected due to false or missing information.

Our Residence Services

How do you dream of your first day in another country? Our residence service which is one of our package services covers applications for health and employment cards which would facilitate the lives of our customers in first days, offering you the most detailed actual correct information free of charge in your first days in Canada and orienting you.

The consultations which we will realize with our esteemed solution partners and experienced team with respect to hire or purchase house with furniture in locations that you prefer under best conditions with all residence details necessary for a new life in Canada will reach solution as you like through answering many questions in your mind.

Residence Consultancy

• Career consultancy for professionals: We suggest consultancy for career planning in Canada, recruitment, adaptation to business culture and creating planned growth.

• Real estate investment consultancy: We carry on the processes from real estate selection to financial analyses, transactions of completion of land registry assignment for individuals
who want to purchase real estate property in Toronto or neighboring cities with an experienced team.

• Business consultancy for entrepreneurs: We offer business consultancy with respect to incorporation of business in Canadian market, business purchasing, company growing and
all other financial and performance issues.