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If you are opening your mind and dreams toward the opportunities of a new country, the only way you should follow is Canada Immigration that you could gain with CanTurk Immigration

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Filiz Tümer - Kanada Göçmenlik Danışmanı
Canturk Kanada Göçmenlik Bürosu Istanbul Ofis Adresi

Palladium Tower, Barbaros mah. Kardelen sok, No: 2, Kat:10 34746 Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul

Filiz Tümer

Filiz Tümer

Canturk Immigration

Canturk Immigration

Who does not want to live in modern cities in touch with nature as members of a rich and civilized country?

You should gain immigration status in Canada in order to be employed and benefit from social rights for personal and career development which facilitate human life.

I share the life knowledge which I have acquired as a citizen of 30 years and my professional experiences with you in the capacity of licensed immigration consultant officially authorized by Canada Ministry of Immigration in order to allow you establishing a new life in Canada.

You can be the personage of our stories of success taking appointment from our Istanbul office.




Filiz Tümer Canturk Kanada Göçmenlik Hizmetleri

Temporary Residents / Temporary Visit

- Visitor Visa
- Students’ Visa / (Toronto Ministry of National Education primary, secondary, high school selection, enrollment, visa and residence package)
- Super Visa (Elders of the Family)
- All sorts of invitation letters
- LMIA Approved Employment Visa

Filiz Tümer Canturk Kanada Göçmenlik Danışmanı

Permanent Residence/ Canada Immigration

- Professional Occupations Group (FSW)
- Canada Experience Class Category (CEC)
- Spouse Sponsorship
- Owning a Company or Purchasing a Company
- State Entrepreneur (PNP) and Investor

Kanada da Vatandaşlık İşlemleri

Citizenship/ Other Statuses

- Immigration Card Application
- PR Card Renewal
- Canada Citizenship Application
- Sworn Statement and Document Approval
- Diploma Equivalency Transactions


Kanada Göçmenlik için Canturk Eğitim Hizmetleri

Primary, secondary, high school enrollments in Canada

If you are anxious about the future of your children because of the astronomic fee demands of private education institutions lasting for many years and the education system where many inefficient hours are spent, you can benefit from CanTurk Consultancy education services.

Canturk Immigration Kanada da Meslek ve Dil Okulları Danışmanlığı

Vocational Schools and Schools of Language

Education of minimum 8 months in a vocational school in Canada brings 15 points for Express Entry application and 30 points for Master diploma / or PhD certificate diploma.


"We were desperate, and by coincidence, we knew another customer with whom she worked before, and we received the phone of Filiz Tümer from that person and we met. I thought she would demand the same astronomical price as it was close to the last day. But then, with a very reasonable fee and online application, she extended my student visa within a month. I want Filiz to carry out my vocational school registration in September and other immigration procedures again... "

"We started dreaming of a life in Canada when we adopted our little daughter Tigist from Ethiopia in November 2011. Thanks to her owning our file even more than us, not giving up on following and providing information, her sincerity and transparency, we completed our Canada immigration application in a very short time as she estimated for us. Her intimate but highly professional work and her command of the subjects impressed us immensely. We have already started to benefit from her network not only for our immigration application but also for settlement issues..."

"I have been a Canadian citizen for over 30 years. We consulted Filiz Tumer as my professional assistant to apply for a visitor visa for my brother and his family. She meticulously prepared all the necessary documents for the visa procedures of my brother and his family, which is a middle-class working family, and managed to obtain an 8-year visa for them. We are grateful. She educated us very well both by e-mail and by phone, and completed all the necessary documents as if they were her own files. She represented my brother and his family very professionally with the cover letter she wrote."

"As a result of the research and recommendations, we found Ms. Filiz Tümer. Ms. Tümer examined our entire file from beginning to end, and wrote a letter; there were 6 very important forms and she filled them in. There was not even a slightest mistake in our file. It never required extra time, everything happened exactly as they wanted. In addition, when we had a question, we talked via Skype or e-mailed 7-24, we got instant answers to our questions, she always approached us very sincerely and positively. Not only did she speed up the process for us, she also was a great leader in terms of morale. She shared a lot of important information with us about the settlement."

"Ms. Tümer helped us a lot in terms of the effort she made for the transactions, being accessible at any time and answering your questions, always doing her job fully and on time, and thanks to her, we reached the result in a short time without any problems. We were very comfortable with all aspects of our transactions being handled by a single source with a professional person. I currently live and work in Ottawa, and we are very happy with my spouse..."

"Filiz Hanım cleared all the questions in our minds with her knowledge and experience. She guided us very accurately throughout the entire application process. She answered all of our questions in every meaning 24/7. Thanks to her, we completed our file with all the details, and without any missing points. Apart from his support in completing the file, she also relaxed us psychologically and raised our spirits."

If you want to be personage of one of our success stories, you can take appointment from Istanbul Central Canturk Immigration office.

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It is easier to make higher scores in IELTS general training examinations requested in Express Entry qualified immigrant application and examination assistance with Canturk Immigration IDP / IELTS collaboration.

IDP/ IELTS representative office was given for the first time in Turkey to Canturk Immigration in the capacity of Canada Immigration Consultant.

Canturk Immigration Çözüm Ortağı IELTS